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Merchantville Sedation Dentistry - Sapienza Dental - Anxiety Relief

For many patients, the prospect of relieving dental pain and receiving routine cleanings is overwhelmed by dental anxieties and phobias. At Sapienza Dental, we help alleviate the stress and worry than can accompany patients with dental anxieties by offering options for conscious sedation. These non-invasive options allow our Merchantville family dentist to provide the care you deserve as you relax. 

Inhaled Sedation

Nitrous Oxide, sometimes called laughing gas, is the ideal option for patients who are nervous about dental procedures. This safe, ADA approved sedation option has been in use for over a century and is a proven method of relieving pain and encouraging a relaxant effect in patients. Laughing gas is safe for use by children and adults, helping patients feel confident in your family’s comfort and safety when visiting our Merchantville family dentist. 

This option is also effective for those patients looking to return to their routine immediately after their appointment. The effects of nitrous oxide wear off quickly once it is no longer applied, allowing patients the freedom to drive themselves home from appointments, and continue the rest of their day normally.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Patients with generalized phobia about the dentist benefit greatly from our oral sedation option. Available in varying doses to enhance your experience, oral sedation at our Merchantville family practice not only enhances your comfort during your procedure, but promotes relaxation before you even enter our office. Patients prescribed these sedatives will usually take them about an hour before your appointment time, allowing you to receive more effective care, without anxiety. Patients undergoing this form of sedation will, however, need to account for transportation to and from our office. 

Dental Comfort

As a family dental practice, we hope to ease dental phobias for patients young and old. In offering these options for sedation, we don’t just hope to maximize your comfort when visiting our dental home, we want you to relax. With these safe and comfort enhancing dental treatment options, we hope to encourage your whole family to view the dentist as a relaxing experience. 

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If you are looking for gentle dentistry backed by the comforting application of sedation, contact Dr. Gary Sapienza and our dental team. We are committed to providing quality dental care for families of Pennsauken, Maple Shade and Haddon Heights.